Thursday, April 21, 2011

Status & Poll

Been kind of busy lately with life, attempting to get into the android market but still have a lot of knowledge to share on making games in Java, I've been wanting to do more jogl and step up to some of the changes in jogl 2.0. I thought I would create a poll to help give me a little direction on what I should post here that would be the most useful for readers.

One of the big issues I have been wrestling with is making games vs. engines it's a tough thing. Especially since my engine is 90% there and almost ready to start being used to make complete games, I have had a few setbacks with select pieces of the design. Aside from that, my day job has been cutting into the amount of energy and desire I have to code when I get home.

This is probably the first actual blog post I've written, weird but it's the truth. Mainly I started this blog to post snippets I wanted to save and to help other developers to see how I solve some of the problems in making Java games. So I figured what the hell I'll actually start blogging instead of letting this blog just sit around idling in the blog'o'sphere.

So please take a second to vote on the poll for the things you are looking for and I will do what I can to help.

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