Friday, April 8, 2011

TapMania: First Android Test App

I have been getting into Android application development and wrote a small application to get my feet wet. This application just tests some OpenGL render capabilities, touch screen functionality, displays some text output for debugging purposes, and gives some basic menu options.

If you wanna try it out and test your phones touch screen and also help me determine how well it runs on other devices, I would greatly appreciate it. This will also help me to create some snippets for android and let you know what issues I find and things about performance for android games. So far the OpenGL-ES on android is working great on my phone I would love to know how it works on others.

I am still going through the process of setting the application up for publication to the android market as a demo to get more feedback and to grow the application into a game.

Let me know what you think!

Link to apk:
  • TapMania.apk (link now removed, app available on the android market)
Note: After realizing that the link to my google sites did not successfully allow you to install from your phone I finished the publishing process and got it up on the android market. I have a few small updates that I will publish this weekend.

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