Friday, April 29, 2011

Regarding Poll

I just realized something about the poll I put up, trying to see what people are interested in so I can focus on those snippets first. Whether it be collision detection, effects (particle system, animational effects etc.), game mechanics (scoring, acheivement systems, quests, stat systems, etc.), content tools would be like map editors, file format converters, asset building tools, particle engine editors, model viewers etc. And of course it isn't hard to guess what I meant with full game tutorials.

Anyways, what I realized is that I could probably use more of all of them, so I just wanted to see which ones I should work on first. Life being busy doesn't really leave me much time to work up solid snippets to help other developers.

Enough lamenting, on to more important issues, achievements, saw a good article for those of you who are interested and don't watch gamasutra, like I do, here it is:
The Cake Is Not a Lie: How to Design Effective Achievements

Some things to keep in mind if you are considering adding achievements to a game, some thought provoking analysis of games as always from the articles at gamasutra.

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