Thursday, July 21, 2011

I hate stagnant blogs don't you!

I want to just apologize for not having posted in a while, especially to those who frequent this blog, if anyone does yet I want to say thanks for your patience.

Excuses, Excuses
Well guys, I've been busy as usual, this economy man it's a killer! Though that seems to be a common excuse these days. And since I have a regular job it isn't really true. Let's just put it this way, things just got busy. You know life stuff hard to keep a good blogging habit with lots of ya know that "stuff".

I've also been putting more time into the Android platform, as well as trying to figure out what the hell I should post next so many ideas and nothing seems to fit. Oh and I have to fight with my lackluster to code lately, yeah I am sorry I am one of those guys. Hey, look man I'm trying!

Blog Stuff
So every now and then I like to just randomly rearrange the blog and adjust settings, I noticed with the poll that it was creating scroll-bars, I hate when it does that, so annoying, though i don't think it did it on all browsers. But it did it in chrome which is the one I like to use on a regular basis, migrated from firefox though all three IE, firefox, and chrome have lodged themselves on my computer.

So I was going through the gadgets looking for something interesting and I dunno how does one choose from the pictures of hot chicks, puppy's, and style tips. Such tough decisions, yeah don't need to put any of those here, I doubt you want to be distracted by cute puppy's while reading or do you? So I decided on showing the Total pageviews thing, it's not terribly exciting only 12,188 at the time of this post. About 10-20 average visits a day. Not enough to make a living on, maybe someday. It'd be nice to be able to work on games all day as I do most of this in my little free time. So while I wait for that to happen I will just keep working on more snippets. Also removed some extra clutter with the external links, didn't really see a need for them but if someone liked using them please let me know. Added rss feed to gamasutra which I find an extremely good source for game design articles and other industry news as well as a couple of blog writers who share insights into how studios handle particular issues.

I really hope they are useful and anything you can think of that would help you out don't hesitate to ask me to try and figure out. Still need to figure out how to make the toggle screen-mode more professional.

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