Friday, December 2, 2011

Days off

Having a 3 day weekend for me is like Christmas morning. It's a good chance to get coding work done and more snippets on here. Unfortunately the job comes first these days so progress is of course slow which makes any time I can get really precious. Though side-tracking really takes its toll as well. Today was a very good day of sidetracking looking at the Ludum Dare competition, very cool. Thinking about entering, I otherwise I would just use that weekend for projects. It would be a very good thing for me and force me to finish a project and work out some issues with how quickly I move through projects, content, and polish.

So taking a look at some of the games on there actually provided some fruitful results, plus it is always motivating to me to see other peoples finished projects. I am only just beginning to push myself to complete games and make fun mechanics. So lots to do and look forward to.

So something that might interest you game developers out there, if you already know him he's got some good videos and details into games development. Chevy Ray the videos I found interesting are here. One of the things I found most interesting is his use of colliders plus I was genuinely impressed with the attention to detail and how smooth the implementation appeared. Very good job and highly recommend watching the videos and checking out his development progress. It's a good example of making and using tools to save time and energy in content making.

Additionally a couple days ago I happen to take a look at Coke and Code the Slick engine was interesting. So check it out I gave it a quick try and it has enough value in it to make some decent games plus the support for webstart and applets made it appealing to me. Still looking for suggestions on the combat system if anyone feels so inclined to share, also interested in anybody's personal projects. Give yourself a little free advertising I'd be willing to put a link up to your project.

Cheers and happy holidays to all.

Links: Added Chevy's site, and Coke and Code to links.

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