Thursday, December 15, 2011

Combat System Update

I've got a basic combat system implementation it just needs some cleaning up. I haven't really had much time with the Christmas shopping and work getting in the way. I am planning on getting back to it and finishing it up.  Hopefully you'll be able to gleam something useful from it.

I would like to apologize for the lack of updating. I am still dealing with the programmers version of writers block and the feeling of being overwhelmed with ideas. Probably due to not having large time blocks to dedicate to game making.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Jeff said...

Thank you for updating this as frequently as you do. I appreciate your hard work and I've learned a ton about game design from you. Thanks again and happy new year! :)

MorbidMorvick said...

Your very welcome Jeff, honestly I wish I had more time to spend on updates and could get more snippets out. There is a lot more I can share with you that I've learned and I am always learning.

For the new year I hope to post more snippets. Definitely finish this combat system. I am just not happy with it. And of course go deeper into game design territory.

I hope that what you've learned has helped enhance any games that you've made or will make. And if there is anything that you've learned from your experiences making games I would love hear them. Also I am always open to suggestions for snippets or topics.

Happy new year Jeff, I wish you lots of luck and success this year! Same goes to all those reading this!

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