Thursday, November 27, 2008

Game Creator Project

Project Background:
I've been developing a pure java 2D game engine for about 3 years now. The code has evolved a lot since I captured it from a game that I started making called TechWrecker. That game originally started out being just a silly little project and kind of evolved into that last snapshot. As you can tell it needed a lot of work both coding and game design wise.

That game helped me develop the Game State Machine. As well as the Resource Manager and Input Manager. I recently begin redesign the resource manager to allow for loading levels, and animations, as well as other types of custom assets.

And so I decided to make an editor for a Animation file format that I created after I was able to compress BufferedImages using Java's Deflate utilities.

Project Overview:
A friend of mine whose working on a 2D side-scrolling shooter in GameMaker convinced me to create a level editor and to plan on making an actual Game Creator. Probably because he was frustrated with certain features. So I have a good start. Here is a development screenshot:

Not much to look at right now, and I hope to add icons to the toolbars. Some of the short-term features that I hope to have are:
  • Animated Sprite Tiles
  • Multi-Layered Levels
  • Entity placements and property settings
  • Collision Volume Data (per frame for Animations)
  • Level File Format (binary or xml with compression)
  • Image Editing and Touch-up

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