Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Green Algae: Frontiersman Development Update

Yay! We struck tree!

Things are moving a little bit after fixing up a number of things. Rearranging stuff implementing some additional stuff as well. Like being able to select objects on the map and get details about them.

Trees can be selected and designated to be chopped down. Currently only a single object selection is available. I'll put drag and drop selection on the roadmap of course.

So here's where things stand.
  • Terrain
    • finish tile-type transitions
    • add dirt (with transitions)
    • add gravel (with transitions)
    • add random stones
  • Player controls
    • map movement controls
    • object-selection and displayed details new
    • designating actions for map items
      • chop/down tree
      • stockpile area designation
  • AI Simulated Character
    • add gender and age new
    • add basic decision-based model
    • add crappy path-finding method
    • add hunger, starvation, and death
    • add actions and event, thoughts and memory
  • Save/Load
    • Test, test, test
  • Build Scripts and release checklist

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