Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Green Algae Project

Yeah weird name I know. But it's good to have a non-restrictive name for a project that doesn't really make you think of anything specific. It helps you move in different directions without thinking about the title of the game. Although I have a work-in-progress game title, but I don't know if it will fit the game exactly after I change the game a bit.

So yes the game! The initial idea was centered around building bridges out to sea. Though one just can't build bridges for the hell of it (or can one, I wonder, hmmm) Any way it was decided that they cannot but the reason for building the bridges is indeed an odd one to be sure. And the reason would be, of course, sea monster hunting. Yeah well sea monsters are kind of cool. Think giant sun fish, man size and above, that can walk on land and rip your precious bridges and you to shreds.

You don't just build bridges, oh no, there's more to build like buildings a bunch of them. You can build well you can build yourself a hut to place your rare fish trophies in collect them all and get to the bottom of this nasty fish evil that's plaguing the island inhabitants. Oh yeah did I mention that there are islands yeah lots of them or as many as you like. The random map generation was of course on of the first things I got working. It's not bad, and by not bad I mean I wouldn't release a game with it but if it came down to it. It wouldn't be horrible. 

Currently only three types of tiles, you get sand, and um water, and of course grass. The terrain generation is random and controlled by a few parameters at the moment island count, size, length, and a extra variance value I used to vary some of the random chances and things. I will make an additional post about the generation method later so you can see one way of doing it.

So the project I figured is for my own personal enjoyment so it's more like a test bed I can work with to implement gameplay mechanics and test out effects and other things. So in order to get working on the combat system I thought I'd add in the ability to summon monsters. You place a wooden obelisk yeah weird but anyway this is of course after chopping down the tree and dragging the fallen log to where you want it. Then you start summon after a little while monsters will appear for you to fight. And right now it's pretty much you just go up to them attack them then they die, you get experience which you can't see atm, that's easily shown take me like 5 minutes.

So yeah that's The Green Algae project. A nice test project that could potentially have some interesting gameplay. Those green things are trees by the way. And that would be a boring old wood pile and a test avatar sprite placing wood in the pile.

So hang on to the edge of your seats for some spectacular updates.


Pix3l said...

It looks promising, keep it up dude!

MorbidMorvick said...

Thanks man, definitely will keep at it.

I want to get some more stuff to show before posting some updated screenshots. There wasn't any grass in those, so hopefully in a few days I might have a new screenshots. Depends on how much time I get to spend on it this weekend.

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