Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy busy

It's been an extremely busy work... month for me. It sucks too since I have wanted to work on a game I've been building in Java. I promise to bring you up to speed soon with development progress and screenshots. And I hope to provide some insight into the process and code that you might find interesting.

Monster summoning
So I haven't had the time to create any new snippets for your game development needs. But to give you a glimpse into the mechanic I want to implement. It's a summoning circle, the requirements are going to be that you are near a summoning pillar or I guess an obelisk would be a more fitting name for the object.

So you can build one out of wood for now and place it where you want. Depending on where you place it and your summoning skill different quantities and kinds of enemies will be drawn toward it.

It's basically developed out of a necessity to develop and test a combat system for the game including the experience and rewards of combat. It opens up a whole range of interesting dynamics to the gameplay. For instance I could have the summoned monsters drop rare items our give the player unique skills he can use elsewhere in the game. Or eventually recruit the summoned monsters instead of just fighting them.

These would be just some of the ideas I have been toying with when I get a few precious moments to think.

Also I was thinking of having etchings on the obelisks each etching could provide a way of controlling what happens when you summon around that obelisk. So just thought I would throw in this little update to let you know I am still around and working on games.

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