Friday, April 9, 2010

Site traffic report

I know I like seeing this on other blogs to get an idea of where I am comparatively. So I figured I'd post some averages for those who have their own blogs.

I get on average about 10 visits per day, 15 pageviews leading to a high bounce rate which probably means I don't have enough cross links or interesting posts, hehehe sorry about that gotta work on it a bit. I've always kind of struggled determining the what to post. Hope to improve that in the future.

So as you can tell from the daily average I get around 300 visits per month. My adsense revenue is extremely low due to poor site placement and for a while I had way to many ads and can't get them into more prominent positions. If your interested in reading on improving your own adsense revenue I found this article confirmed all other research I have done on the subject.

Simple Changes Doubled My Adsense Revenue

So my adsense revenue is less than 5 cents per month. Sorry I can't quit my day job and become a net millionaire just yet, lol. My goal is to provide more useful posts that help you make games from my own experience and knowledge. I can't say that I am the smartest game making hobbyist but I have been programming games in my spare time for the past 10 years or so and have picked up a few tricks, as well as learned more programming languages than I care to admit, hehehe.

I hope that anyone visiting the site for whatever reason can help me help them, spend some time make some comments, what would you like to see more of, where have I failed, what needs improvement etc...

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