Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ok so not quite...back yet

Been playing around with lwjgl and jogl a little bit lately. Ran into a slit issue as while attempting to get a project setup and running. First was that I wanted to use maven to grab the latest jars and ultimately natives. Each project does things in substantially different ways. I have to say that jogl is much simpler on the setup end for maven support.

Hey here is the pom.xml file:

And of course the lwjgl which was not so simple. Instructing maven to do the jar extraction for the natives was pain enough to find. There was also a necessity to put them in the root project directory in order to run in eclipse out of the box.


It was an interesting exercise along with updating an old JOGL 1.x project for JOGL 2 there were some basic differences that caused quite a few compile errors.

P.S. Yes I am on github here https://github.com/njd5475