Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silverlight Room Escape Game Prototype

Thought I would post an old Silverlight project, I worked on a few years ago. It isn't much but it shows the basics of making a Room Escape game in silverlight, with ExpressionBlend.


Room escape games are not that hard to create in Silverlight and aren't performance intensive. Making one based on this example shouldn't be entirely difficult. However a large room escape game might be hard to manage as puzzles become more complex. The project got kind of swept under the rug, there was a plan to make an editor to provide a way of managing the puzzles and images better. I believe an editor would be necessary for any lengthy room escape game. Although if you are doing the project by yourself and don't plan on making more than one room escape game I would suggest not trying to make an editor as it won't really be worth it.